Arun Bhalla (arun251) wrote,
Arun Bhalla

The Ride is here!

It's hard to believe, but in mere hours I will be riding out of San Francisco with 2,500 of my closest bike buddies. By this time tomorrow, I'll be getting ready to hit the sack (a sleeping bag) in Santa Cruz.

Thank you so much for all your support and donations! It's been quite a journey since my training began in November. In this month alone, I've biked for over 42 hours, covering 586 miles and climbing over 20,000 ft. I'll cover about as much distance in the next week! One side effect of all this riding is losing 10 or so pounds since I started training, and now my weight is at its lowest since sometime in college.

I'll try to blog here by phone. There's also official AIDS/Lifecycle Web coverage at Be sure to check in later when I post some photos and more detailed writeups after the ride.

By the way, the State of California threatens to cut over $150 million of aid to HIV/AIDS programs throughout the state, so your donations are more valued than ever. If you would like to donate further, you can still
do so at
Tags: aids/lifecycle ride, bicycling, california

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