Arun Bhalla (arun251) wrote,
Arun Bhalla

Voice Post

368K 1:54
“Guess I was talking too long in the previous post so I'll keep this one shorter. Anyway, I don't know, the guy apparently hit a curb and did some flips in the air and then landed on the ground, and it seemed like he was still unconscious after about 10 minutes or so when the ambulance finally arrived. So, I'm not really sure what's up with that. We'll find out maybe later tonight when they do the announcements for the day. And then there were some more ambulances later on, it might've been Half Moon Bay. So, people are biking a little crazy I guess. Half Moon Bay was, or taking the highway to Half Moon Bay, was a little tense. People riding basically fender-to-fender or tire-to-tire, climbing the hill. But there was a nice descent in to Half Moon Bay. Beautiful riding after lunch... the sun started coming out in San Gregorio, and it was pretty much nice in Santa Cruz county in general. People in Santa Cruz were watching us. It was great and actually there have been lots of fans & friends cheering from the side of the road. It's been great. There were some free strawberries, one at the top of 92 and another at Swanson Farm. So lots of good support for AIDS riders so far!. I'll leave another announcement or talk tomorrow. Bye!”

Transcribed by: jane837
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