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645K 3:23
“Okay, it looks like the first part of my post wasn't saved, so I'll try to say it again quicker!

I'm in Santa Cruz, it's nice and sunny, it's beautiful. We started off, we woke up today, this morning, at 4:15 to get to Cow Palace, and that's where the ride started. It was really slow-going for the first few miles, but after a while it started to thin out. The actual ride didn't start until about 6:40. I arrived finally in Santa Cruz at 4:15, it was about 82 miles of biking.

There was some really thick fog on Skyline in Pacifica, and it was generally overcast up until San Gregorio. I saw one cyclist took a big bad spill, and I talked about that in part two. It seemed like cyclists are maybe a little crazy at times.

Each of the rest stops had themes: The water stop, the first stop in San Francisco had a pirate theme. Rest stop 1 had a Green theme, characters dressed up as the Incredible Hulk and the Green Giant. Rest stop two had a "Happy Birthday" theme, where all the staff were wishing everyone a happy birthday all the time! The lunch stop had a "Rock n Roll" theme, and that was a nice turkey & avocado croissant sandwich, plus some other stuff. Rest stop 3 had a 50's theme, so everyone was dressed up in poodle skirts. Rest stop 4 had a wrestling theme. Everyone was dressed up in high school wrestling uniforms & people were having pictures taken with the wrestlers. I hear that rest stop 4 is always the best rest stop of the day, so I'll be sure to check that one out for sure... as well as all the other ones! They plan the rest stops a year in advance, and they have a website:, so you might wanna check that out.

They had some free strawberries at the top of 92 between Half Moon Bay & San Mateo, and also some free strawberries from the Swanton Berry Farm.

We had a nice warm welcome in Santa Cruz from lots of random citizens, and also at the camps, it was great! And we've been appreciating all the fans along the roadside

So, I'm looking forward to tomorrow, it's going to be 107 miles towards King City, and probably pretty hot! But it'll be pretty flat and we'll see tailwinds, I hope.

Talk to you tomorrow!”

Transcribed by: jane837
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