Arun Bhalla (arun251) wrote,
Arun Bhalla

Voice Post

416K 2:10
“The one thing my tent-mate & friend Kate mentioned earlier today, at the beginning of the ride really, was that in previous rides on this day she came to rethink really how she treats food, especially produce.

That's something that I noticed today also during the ride, watching the strawberry pickers hunched over in the fields pretty much all day. Strawberries, cabbage, artichokes, these are all different kinds of produce that can't be machine harvested like corn or soybeans or wheat, it's a manual process, so the farm workers are paid very little, so it makes sense not to waste your food.

You think of strawberries that tend to go bad pretty quickly, someone worked pretty hard to pick those strawberries, you have to be sure to appreciate them all you can. But also these are farm workers who might have to be working in plants that were sprayed with pesticides, and assuming they work all day for several months of the year,
working with those pesticides can't possibly be good for you, or good for them anyway. So I think it makes sense that even if you don't think that, if you don't care what chemicals go into your body, you might think of the chemicals that are going into other people's bodies because there are workers who picked it. So it's a good case for eating organic fruits and vegetables.”

Transcribed by: jane837
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